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With a constant production process and control over it, the industrial communication system becomes an indispensable tool for production sites and transport networks. Such a tool allows you to ensure security through the implementation of operational alerts. To ensure effective management, communication subsystems must be integrated and closely interconnected, regardless of the structure of the enterprise.


We provide solutions based on a powerful and flexible set of tools

for building integrated communication systems that allow you to solve the overwhelming number of tasks facing customers when creating multifunctional communication systems with guaranteed operational voice, video and data transmission.

Examples of projects
An integrated system of equipment for production loudspeaker and dispatch communication based on a digital communication system was installed. The implementation of the project has made it possible to increase the safety and improve the efficiency of business processes at one of the leading enterprises in Russia, whose primary oil refining capacity is 17 million tons per year.
Communication equipment of various types and manufacturers has been successfully integrated, and a unified system of operational and technological communication and notification has been organized at the largest airport in the Volga region, which is one of the ten leading air harbors in Russia.
The system of command and search communication and notification, operational telephone and dispatching loudspeaker communication was built on the basis of a single switchboard installed in the main building of the thermal power plant as part of TGC-5, which is the only source of heat supply for the second largest city in the Kirov region.