About us
Our organization provides industrial communication and security systems for such activities in which the price of any mistake is very high. People's health and lives are at stake. Therefore, our reputation becomes the key to your safety.

These are the main reasons why you are confident in the reliability of our solutions. It has been on the market for a long time — an extensive track record. We exclusively represent the leading European brands, including the German manufacturer Neumann Electronics with a century-old history. We develop our own innovative solutions. We are one of the first on the market to introduce new technologies.

We implement projects exclusively on the basis of special equipment designed for operation in harsh industrial conditions. Our means of communication have increased impact resistance. Withstand the effects of aggressive vapors, gases, fine dust, high temperature, humidity. All explosion—proof devices are certified by European ATEX standards and international IECEx directives.

We use the latest developments in the field of industrial communications and security in our systems. The projects are based on the results of cooperation with leading foreign and Russian device manufacturers. We monitor the market and often act ahead of the curve.

Our experienced designers develop a unique solution exactly for your needs. They take into account your specifics, organization of work, individual wishes. Is there a need to significantly reduce the project implementation time and its cost? You can use our proven ready-made standard projects.
We select a configuration that performs exactly your tasks. As part of your project — only the equipment that is really necessary. We have a large range of devices and extensive experience working with various manufacturers. We offer you such equipment options that perfectly fit into your unique conditions.


We do everything to eliminate any problems as quickly as possible. You contact us in a convenient way: by hotline, e-mail, via remote service. We conduct online audio and video consulting. If necessary, we will go to your facility.

From you — only the formulation of the task and the approval of the estimates and stages of the project. Then we turn on our proven business processes. Project work, delivery, implementation, debugging and maintenance of systems. We have our own well-established logistics system, an extensive warehouse network for the careful storage of your equipment. We do everything promptly thanks to proven supply chains and the coordinated work of all departments.
The origin of the idea of the company "Communications". To implement it, Vladislav Chepinoga invited his colleague with knowledge of foreign economic activity and German.
Acquaintance with Marco Alvino, co-owner and CEO of ProCom GmbH, who will become CEO of Stanelle and shareholder of Neumann Elektronik in the future.
Delivery to Russia of industrial telephones, mine shaft communication and signaling systems FHF Funke + Huster Fernsig GmbH (Germany), DNH loudspeakers (Norway). Cooperation with the manufacturer of public address systems ProCom GmbH (Germany).
Expanding the pool of vendors. Getting started with Funkwerk Security Communications (Germany).
Successful implementation of projects for the lighting of industrial enterprises. Based on I-Valo equipment (Finland).
The beginning of cooperation with the developer of the line of products for notification of civil defense and emergency situations Telegrafia (Slovakia).
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Localization of production of digital communication system DVS-21 in Russia.
The company "Prosystems" was created: equipping enterprises with technological equipment for the transportation of materials and industrial filtration. Representative office on its basis Stanelle (Germany) in Russia and the CIS.
Launch of own production and introduction to the Russian market of the digital communication system "Taiga" and the line of radio communications "Viking".
The company has received the status of an exclusive distributor in Russia of Neumann Elektronik GmbH (Germany). Manufacturer of loudspeaker communication, emergency call and notification systems with a century-old history.
Expansion of the powers of the distributor Neumann Elektronik GmbH to other CIS countries. A representative office of the "Communications" company was opened in the Republic of Kazakhstan: "Communications Kazakhstan" LLP.
We became shareholders of Neumann Elektronik together with OVB Holding (Germany) Marco Alvino.
The company "Communications Volga region" was established in the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan, together with a local partner. But the results of the subsidiaries' activities turned out to be unsatisfactory due to a decrease in the quality of customer service.
Vladislav Chepinogo created a new company: "Integrated Communications". It combines all the competencies developed over 16 years by the team. The main team consists of long-time employees of the design, engineering and technical departments.
май 2021
The company has assumed all obligations for warranty and post-warranty service, technical support of all projects. Based on the solutions of all our divisions: Communications, Prosystems and other subsidiaries.

Why did "complex communications" appear?

Our goal
The results of our work
The company's mission
Our values
To offer you innovative solutions and technologies that fully meet the requirements of ensuring the safety of industrial personnel. In each project, the reputation of an international expert should be confirmed again and again.
Prevention and reduction of accidents at hazardous enterprises. Implementation of reliable systems for prompt notification of dangerous and emergency situations. Realization of the possibility of instant response to emergency situations and threats.
Constantly improve the safety level of industrial and socially significant facilities. Competently and comprehensively provide them with modern systems of loudspeaker communication and notification, positioning and environmental analysis.
-Taking care of the people who work in our clients' companies and in our staff.
-Regular steady improvement of professional competence and skills.
-Common goals of the whole team, when the contribution of each employee contributes to the result.
- It is important for us to be trusted: both by the company as a whole and by the people who work for us and have gone through a long way of becoming on the market together with us.
- Our greatest value is our employees! We are rightfully proud of them.
Work principles

In our work, we adhere to the principles of ESG, creating a comfortable working atmosphere for our employees, customers and partners.
Our work is based on:
  • responsible attitude to the environment
  • high social responsibility
  • high quality corporate governance
Our clients
It is important for us that we help enterprises from hazardous areas of production to increase the level of safety for their personnel. Our clients include market flagships that have an impact on the entire Russian economy and well-being.

Companies in the oil and gas, nuclear, metallurgical, mining, chemical industries, defense enterprises, airports, railway and sea stations.
Oil production and refining industry
Energy industry
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Gas industry
Transport enterprises and aerospace instrumentation
Mining industry
Pulp and paper industry
Agro-industrial complex
Nuclear industry
Chemical industry
What they say about us
We create effective, simple and reliable solutions. This is confirmed by the reviews, opinions and warm words of our valued customers. We promise to continue to adhere to the same principles in our work and implement the best systems for the security of your enterprises. We will continue to fully meet the most demanding requirements.
Quality policy
Our priority is to provide you with exceptionally high-quality, reliable and modern equipment that meets the latest technical requirements and safety.

One hundred percent input and output control. One of the stages is regular inspections by representatives of European partners. The assembly and commissioning of equipment always takes place under the supervision of highly professional specialists.

Our suppliers are proven European companies with many years of experience and status. Responsible for the quality of their decisions and fulfilling their obligations.

Our specialists are international experts in the field of communication systems and security at industrial enterprises. They regularly study abroad, improve their qualifications in leading European companies and have all the necessary certificates. Over the years of working in the market, we have repeatedly worked out and strengthened our skills and abilities in practice.

Our production takes into account the current requirements of Russian enterprises and transport hubs. We work in full compliance with the effective quality management system — based on the analysis of international experience and taking into account industry specifics.
Our partners
Developer and manufacturer of advanced hardware and software solutions in the field of professional mobile radio communication of the TETRA standard. A wide range of products, strict adherence to certificates and quality standards and impeccable compliance with delivery dates allows the company to occupy one of the leading positions in the market.
German manufacturer of professional equipment in the field and communication systems of DECT and TETRA standards for industrial enterprises. The equipment meets international standards and has the function of a "Personal Security System", which is a unique development of the company. Since 2016, Funkwerk has been under the management of FUNKTEL Gmbh.
Funkwerk/Funktel Gmbh
The leading German manufacturer of optical and acoustic equipment: signaling devices, loudspeakers, industrial telephones. The company's equipment is presented in various versions and is characterized by increased reliability.
Funke+Huster Fernsig GmbH
A global manufacturer of industrial acoustic systems and loudspeakers. It is distinguished not only by high-quality products, but also by flexibility in customizing equipment to meet customer requirements. Independently produces all components of loudspeakers, including those with non-standard solutions for customer requirements.
A leading manufacturer of communication and security equipment from Norway. The unique equipment of the system allows you to combine GGS and notification systems with security systems, creating integrated solutions for enterprises that allow you to solve all the tasks necessary for the client.
A leading expert in the lighting industry. The technology of development and production allows you to create durable, energy-efficient and easy-to-maintain lamps. Modern I-Valo production technologies allow us to provide.
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IT Industriya

The company is a developer and manufacturer of special software and hardware complexes, the scope of which is located at the junction of technologies such as radio communications, wired and wireless data transmission networks, video surveillance, telemechanics and others. Manufacturer of the Talnakh complex.
APC solutions have been the industry standard in the field of highly reliable power supply infrastructure and engineering infrastructure of IT systems for almost four decades. The company's products have gained popularity all over the world, and APC is a leading supplier of systems for IT departments of various sizes and distributes its products through a huge network of trading partners.
Inter M
The company has gained fame on the world market as a manufacturer of equipment for sound notification systems and professional voice-over systems To date, Inter-M owns 21 patents for inventions, as well as 12 patents for industrial designs of manufactured products.
Avaya is one of the leading providers of solutions in the field of business communications. The development of Avaya technologies allows the company to always meet the requirements for modern communication systems and offer unique solutions for any customer needs. More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Avaya technologies and solutions.
An American multinational company that develops and sells network equipment designed mainly for large organizations and telecommunications enterprises. One of the world's largest companies specializing in high technology.
OCS has been operating in the Russian IT market for more than 20 years. The company develops the directions of free and project distribution, increases the technological base, develops partner support programs and adapts them to the changing realities and market demands. The regional network of OCS offices has no analogues in its breadth and includes 26 cities of Russia.

Eltek LLC is a 100% subsidiary of Eltek Energy AS (Norway), a company that has been one of the leaders in the global market of uninterruptible power supply equipment for the telecommunications industry for the past decades. The company has representative offices in 39 countries.
Rittal is an international leader in the production of distribution housing systems, energy distribution, microclimate control components, IT solutions, as well as software and service. The company was founded in 1961 and today has 11 production sites around the world.
Ascom is a leading international provider of integrated solutions in the field of wireless communications, mobile network testing and security systems. The company has representative offices in 20 countries with its head office in Switzerland.

LOUIS+ has been known in the Russian security systems market since 1995, and over the years has become one of the leading distributors of high-quality equipment for security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance, access control and perimeter protection, integrated security systems and components for structured cabling systems.
KABELWERK EUPEN AG is one of the leading manufacturers of cable products, which has retained production facilities in Europe. The concentration of all the company's resources within a single platform provides flexibility at all stages.
WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a German company that manufactures components for electrical connection, technologies and electronic components for decentralized automation technology. WAGO was founded on April 27, 1951.
Moxa, Inc. ("Moxa") is a leading manufacturer of solutions for Industrial Ethernet, computerization and automation networks, founded since 1987. With the help of Moxa equipment, more than 30 million devices are connected worldwide in a wide range of industries: industrial automation, railways, intelligent power systems, intelligent transport systems and much more.
Telvis is the largest manufacturer of industrial and intrinsically safe telephones in Poland and one of the largest in Europe. Since 1998, the company has been developing and implementing communication systems and dispatcher warning systems, both in intrinsically safe and in general execution.
The Italian group FIAMM S.p.A. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of batteries, which has been on the market for more than 70 years. Founded in 1942, the company today includes several of the world's leading manufacturing brands and has more than 10 factories around the world.
The company ZAM-SERVIS - the company offers innovative solutions for providing facilities of mines and mines with communication, automation and monitoring systems. We are engaged in maintenance, production and supply of electrical, electronic, measuring and analytical equipment.
Phones and smartphones from the RugGear trademark are considered one of the most secure mobile devices. The manufacturer of these devices is the Chinese company Power Idea Inc, which has been developing and manufacturing secure phones and smartphones since 2006.
Developer and manufacturer of advanced hardware and software solutions in the field of professional mobile radio communication of the TETRA standard. A wide range of products, strict adherence to certificates and quality standards and impeccable compliance with delivery dates allows the company to occupy one of the leading positions in the market.