Dispatcher speakerphone
The system of dispatching loudspeaker communication is the optimal way for the rapid transmission of information. This is especially true of fires or various emergencies.
Operational dispatch communication is characterized by rather rigid predetermined relationships. The connection is implemented simply - in one touch, there is no need to dial a phone number. Thanks to the loudspeaker connection, it is possible to convey any message simultaneously to all employees of the enterprise, for example, to notify about the incident and possible escape routes.
management of production processes
timely notification of personnel
search for personnel on the territory of the enterprise (command and search communication)
prevention and minimization of the consequences of emergencies
We implement solutions for the construction of operational dispatch and loudspeaker communication systems based on the technological features of the enterprise, its current needs and strategic development plan. The system can be built on the basis of two technological solutions. The company's specialists also carry out a combination of these types of systems.
An innovative system. Allows you to provide a high level of reliability, due to the absence of a single point of failure. With its help, you can take the equipment to any point of the globe. The system is easy to build, scale and manage its reliability.
The traditional system. It is more common for enterprises with undeveloped or no network infrastructure at all. Allows you to organize an arbitrary association of communication types and select the necessary configuration. CPU redundancy ensures the reliability of the system. Adapts to the enterprise of any industry.
organization of duplex and simplex communication between subscribers

multilevel prioritization of calls
the possibility of an individual call to any subscriber or group of subscribers
access to radio stations/fixed telephone devices, etc
mass/zonal/individual notification of subscribers at different sites via loudspeaker communication
online notification in manual mode
automatic voice and local notification systems with broadcast of recorded speech messages and remote access
automatic notification volume control and noise monitoring
management, maintenance and monitoring of the state of systems, with the help of an automated operator's workplace
Dispatching consoles:
Shockproof housing, wear-resistant and ergonomic keys with various marking methods. Built-in display for text messages and the ability to play recorded messages.
Intercom devices:
All-weather, vandal-proof or explosion-proof device, with a temperature range from -65 to +77°. Speaker power programming, as well as playback of recorded messages. It is possible to connect an additional loudspeaker and an alarm device. There is access to telephone and radio communication.
Explosion-proof or all-weather. Corrosion resistance of materials in aggressive environments of chemical production. It can be used in specific production conditions (humidity, temperature differences, high noise and explosion hazards, etc.)