Industrial radio communication
Thanks to the introduction of professional mobile radio communication, it is possible to significantly improve occupational safety, which, in turn, contributes to the optimization of the workflow and reduces the cost of time and human resources.
When it is not possible to use cellular communication.
Walkie-talkies allow you to ensure reliability in difficult industrial conditions: protection from moisture and dust, impact resistance of the case.
Industrial radio communication is protected from network overload and remains available in case of an emergency, unlike cellular communications
It is simple and convenient for employees in overalls to use these devices (precise control even in industrial gloves, etc.)
The ability to position personnel both outside and inside the premises

Integration with other systems installed at the enterprise
One of the most important areas of our activity is the development and installation of radio communication systems of DECT or TETRA standards (including in explosive zones). The systems include base stations, radiotelephones, as well as additional accessories from both Russian and European manufacturers.

As new digital technologies develop, users have the opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of functional features of radio communication systems and apply them in their work. The digital format allows you to provide high-quality speech transmission, suppression of various interference and noise, as well as increase the coverage area. In addition, the traditional functionality of radio stations has been expanded, namely call management, through support for group calling and conference calls, a multi-level call prioritization system and a text message service.
Memory card
Personal security system
All radios are weatherproof and explosion-proof, have a wide range of functions for security control, also take into account the active telephone load and the ability to respond quickly.
Thanks to the removable Micro memory card (SIM-Card), you can transfer and save settings from one phone to another, (for example, in case of damage to the device).
Allows you to automatically monitor the functioning of subscribers. So, in case of an accident, a fall of a person or loss of consciousness, an alarm call is initiated from the radio station to the central server in automatic mode, which allows you to prevent an emergency and provide timely assistance. The subscriber's location is determined in any location (room, mine, mine, open area, etc.) with an accuracy of up to 5 meters.
logging of alarm messages
visual monitoring of alarm signals on the floor plan
subscriber tracking recording
sending alarm messages to the dispatcher to other terminals in automatic mode
automatic alarm repetition
monitoring the quality of the connection with the subscriber
manual alarm (by pressing a button)
monitoring and transmission of alarms from subscribers
Radiotelephones of the DECT standard:
The terminals are fully adapted to industrial conditions. All devices have a durable dust- and waterproof design, which corresponds to the protection class IP65. Clearly defined keys and a user-friendly interface with backlight create comfortable conditions for using radio terminals in any conditions.
TETRA standard radiotelephones:
They are suitable for providing trunking communication at industrial facilities in extreme conditions. In addition to the fact that the terminals have a reliable housing, radiotelephones are also equipped with a multi-level call prioritization system and information security.